abuse of children by scores of the district’s clergy,” but they also
uncovered that the “priests accused of misconduct were being
systematically removed and allowed to work in other parishes” (Barnes).
One of the many aspects of the film that stood out to me, in particular,
is that many of the journalists on the case were Catholic, and they were
able to put their religious affiliations aside for the public good.
The producers of Spotlight, Blye Faust and Nicole Rocklin,
landed The Boston Globe team’s approval to make the film because they
emphasized that “they wanted to make a movie that would celebrate
journalism at a time when the newspaper industry was in great financial
peril” (Pfeiffer, 26). The film crew was insistent on accurately portraying
the true story, and in order for the actors and actresses to play their
characters to the best of their ability, many of them actually met with
the journalists before filming; Mark Ruffalo “spent a good while
with…[Mike] Rezendes, who is still at The Boston Globe going to his
home, shadowing him at work” (Pulver 2). When speaking about
Rezendes and some of the insight he gained from their conversations,
Ruffalo stated that Rezendes “sees what he is doing for the good of the
public” and is driven by “social justice”(Pulver 3). Sacha Pfeiffer, one
of the journalists on the Spotlight team, highlights the awe that she and
her colleagues experienced upon seeing the film:
Once we absorbed the shock of how uncannily the
actors had captured our speech and mannerisms, we
were struck by what a remarkably authentic portrayal of
our jobs was depicted on screen. The movie captures
somehow cinematically the often tedious, painstaking
work that reporting entails, while conveying the critical
importance of investigative journalism. Without it,
powerful institutions go unquestioned, and democracy
can’t function as it should. (26)
As a Catholic myself, I am amazed at the bravery of The Boston Globe
journalists. All of them were willing to face immediate backlash from
the Church and the city in order to serve the public. Equally impressed
by the film’s portrayal of the real life story, I strongly believe that
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