The Hero Coach:
Production Practices Make the Man
Max Lissette
Screenshot 8.2, Samuel L. Jackson as Coach Ken Carter in Coach Carter (2005).
I have always been an avid fan of action movies, and in
particular, sports movies. Whether it is because of the inspirational
speeches or the suspenseful and unpredictable narrative of a team’s
journey, well-done sports movies often leave viewers feeling as though
they can conquer the world and achieve any of their goals in life. This
incredible feeling is what makes the visual arts so special, as films truly
have the power to connect with viewers on a real, personal level. Having
played sports throughout my childhood, I have had many experiences
with coaches both good and bad and therefore often find myself
able to relate to the players in sports movies. Given my love for this
genre of film and my ability to relate to many of the experiences that
players in these films endure, it seemed like a “no brainer” for me to
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