III. The Sporting Life: Coaches and Leadership, pp. 84-126
8. The Hero Coach: Production Practices Make the Man
Max Lissette, 84
9. The Good Coach: Fulfilling the Legacy of the Good
Teacher, Jordan Banks, 96
10. The Myth of the White Savior: An Analysis of Coaches in
Film, Alexandra Harper, 107
11. “The Speech”: Bringing the Underdogs Together, Emily
Barber, 114
IV. Special Teachers: the Links, the Ring, and the Court, pp. 127-151
12. The Teacher Behind the Tee, Clancy Waugh, 127
13. Teachers in the Ring: The Surprising Role of Trainers in
Boxing Films, Paul McBride, 135
14. Hoops: Winning Games and Guiding Men, Bowen Zhou,
V. Mentors and Parents in the Movies, pp. 152-176
15. Breaking Bad: Walter White as the Unlikely “Good
Mentor,” Robert Jacowleff, 152
16. Antagonizing the Protagonists: Parents and Teachers in
Films About Schools, Leah Wright, 166
17. Mentoring in the Movies: A Two-Way Street, Georgia
Hunsinger, 177
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