creating a sense of family in the classroom, Clark enabled his students
to feel equally as comfortable within the classroom as anywhere else,
and this created an excellent environment for students to learn and
thrive. Clark’s willingness to connect personally with his students is not
confined by the walls of the classroom, however, as he is noted by
Dovico as having “visited many of their homes, gathering invaluable
insight into their lives outside of the classroom” (Dovico 6). Clark’s
genuine care about his students’ lives and well-being is uncannily similar
to the way that Coach Carter cares about his players personally. When
Coach Carter took over as head coach, his players were so non-existent
in the classroom that one of the players’ teachers likened the player to
a solar eclipse when asked by Coach Carter how often the player was in
class. Rather than simply ignoring his players’ disregard for academics
as he so easily could, Coach Carter cracks down on his team and pleads
with them to realize the opportunities that lie in front of them if they
do well in school. Carter eventually goes as far as suspending his entire
team and forfeiting games despite their perfect record—actions that
nearly get him fired—just to ensure that his players perform well
enough academically to have a chance at going to college. Towards the
end of the film, a player named Cruz who had always been the biggest
troublemaker on the team reaches out to Coach Carter in his moment
of greatest need. This scene proves just how much of a role model
Coach Carter is in his players’ eyes, and this is likely due to the fact that
he sees more in them and expects more from them than anyone has
before. In Remember the Titans, Coach Boone establishes a personal
connection with his players by forcing them to look past racial
boundaries and get to know players of the other race. Through the
strong bond between white player Gerry Bertier (Ryan Hurst) and black
player Julius Campbell (Wood Harris), it is evident that Boone’s
message gets through to his players. Furthermore, Coach Boone
ensures that all his players feel they can succeed academically; when one
player says he will not be able to go to college due to his grades, Coach
Boone meets with the player weekly in order to help him keep up with
his academic commitments, and the player goes to college at the end of
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