the movie. Additionally, Coach Yoast connects on a personal level to
Petey (Donald Faison) and “personalizes the curriculum” for him by
giving him simple instructions on the field when Petey gets
overwhelmed by Coach Boone’s loud and aggressive coaching style. All
in all, the personal connections that these coaches make with their
players further prove their status as good, heroic coaches.
The last commonality between Ron Clark and the coaches being
examined is that all four men face resistance from or are challenged by
both the people below them and the people above them. In Ron Clark’s
case, his rules are mocked and disobeyed for a long period of time
before he is able to get his students to follow and respect them (Dovico
5). Additionally, the principal of his school doubts his methods and
views his expectations of his students as being far too high (Dovico 8).
In the case of Coach Carter, there is clear resistance against his methods
from both his players and his superiors. With regard to his players,
several of them leave the team after hearing his rules, and others simply
ignore them. In addition to this, several players, and one in particular,
are extremely hostile toward Coach Carter when he lays out his rules
the first day when they sling racially charged insults at him using
extremely derogatory slang terms like “coon” and “Uncle Tom” to
describe him. Carter’s superiors also challenge him time and time again
for demanding too much from his players in the classroom and for
sacrificing wins on the court in order to boost his players’ grades and
class attendance. In Coach Boone and Coach Yoast’s cases, Boone faces
a mountain of a challenge when he takes the head coaching job, and
subsequently, Yoast faces his own challenges when he is replaced by
Boon as head coach. In Boone’s case, every white player, white citizen
of the town, and white referee is infuriated by his hiring and are all out
to get him something that leads to the school threatening to fire him
if he sustains even a single loss on the season. In Yoast’s case, he has to
adjust quickly to the role of assistant coach, and he has to sacrifice his
spot in the Hall of Fame because he is unwilling to comply with the
wishes of his superiors who want him to throw a game in order to get
Coach Boone fired. This last shared trait between Ron Clark and these
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