way of looking at films, at least in my opinion, is to examine the behind-
the-scenes work that goes into the filmmaking process. By examining
the choices that filmmakers make in shooting each scene and then
questioning their reasoning for making those choices, deeper meanings
behind films can be revealed and a lot can be learned about the
filmmaking process in general. When typical movie-goers watch a film,
they don’t generally think about why every scene is organized the way
that it is, why the lighting of each scene is the way that it is, or question
any of the other choices made by the filmmaker, such as the camera
angles or camera focus. Often, viewers believe that scenes are simply
shot from whatever angle and location is most convenient with
whatever camera lenses and filters (not to mention later editing
techniques) look best; in reality, however, every last little detail of every
single shot may be orchestrated the way that it is for a specific, and
meaningful, reason.
This is why I cannot even comprehend how somebody could
ask the question, “Is filmmaking an art?” The simple answer to that
question is that filmmaking is perhaps one of the most difficult and
complex forms of art that exists in our modern world. The ability that
we have to watch films and question and comment on the meaning and
significance of every last filmmaking technique and visual aesthetic can
be directly compared to the ability that we have to look at a sculpture
and question the deeper meaning behind the artists’ technique and
strategies. Just like with a painting or sculpture, it is easy to see a film
and focus solely on its surface value viewing it as a piece of
entertainment with no deeper significance than the content on the
surface. When viewers start to analyze film in detailed fashion by
examining, questioning, and studying its deeper meaning, significance
and functions, however, it is blatantly clear that filmmaking is an art,
and an impressive one at that.
My examination of the production practices used in Coach Carter
and Remember the Titans provides an example of how we can find a
deeper meaning in film and take our analysis several steps further than
just realizing that central point. In this case, it becomes clear very
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