Facilitating Academic Transitions
Case Study
Promoting Development: Kindergarten through Graduation
As a result of their year-end program review, the school counselors in Brewster County
discovered two patterns of student difficulty. First students moving from elementary to middle
school and those transitioning to high school exhibited more stress and confusion than those in
other grades. Next the schools did not have an effective way to identify students who were
struggling with academic and other difficulties quickly. The counselors decided they needed to
improve their programming to facilitate smooth transitions for students as they progress through
their academic careers. Additionally, the counselors will design a process to use student progress
data to identify specific students who are at increased risk for academic, career, or personal
social difficulties due to failure to successfully transition from one level to another. The
counselors decide to meet in grade-level teams over the next few months to accomplish the
following goals.
Elementary counselors, Ms. Sara and Mr. Goldberg, will identify the transitions common
to children as they begin their academic careers, progress through elementary school, and
move into the middle school. Based on these issues, they will identify the relevant student
outcomes already included in the systemwide school counseling program and add
outcome statements for any issues that are not currently being addressed. Finally, they
will specify the “who, what, and when” of activities related to achieving the specified
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