School Counseling Core Curriculum
Case Study
Team K–12 Plans a Developmental School counseling core curriculum
Dr. Symons oversees all the school counseling programs in a school district. He
supervises the 91 counselors that work in the 54 schools in that system. To support the many
needs of those professionals, he has appointed head counselors at each level; one for the
elementary group, two for the middle school group, and two for the high school group. This
system leadership group of counselors has considered the daily activities of counselors and the
delivery system of school counseling programs. Over the next few years they will review, revise,
and streamline four areas of work: the school counseling core curriculum, individual student
planning, responsive services, and program support. They have decided to begin with the school
counseling core curriculum. They have several reasons for this action. First, many of the other
school counselors have commented on the gaps and the redundancies of the current curriculum.
Additionally, the state’s curriculum has been revised
Finally, many new counselors have been hired because of retirements and relocations. Several of
those recent hires have not been teachers and are not as familiar with curriculum planning and
delivery as the veteran counselors.
Mr. Symons and the head counselors decide their existing curriculum will be turned into
a standards-based school counseling core curriculum. The standards with which the counselors
will be working are those developed by the American School Counselor Association (2012) and
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