Individual Planning
Case Study
Planning for the Future
Mr. Terman and the Washington County Schools (TK–12) team are meeting for the final
time in May to discuss the status of the school counseling program. Mr. Terman begins the
meeting, “Congratulations to everyone involved in developing our core counseling curriculum.
Both the system administration and school board have approved the adoption of the curriculum,
and we are set to implement in August. Please submit a request for materials needed for
implementation to me no later than June 1. Today I would like for us to discuss the program
element we wish to review and revise during the next school year. I hope we can articulate our
goals and develop our time line. Is that an agreeable agenda?” With the team’s approval, the
meeting continues.
Ms. Ina Lerner and Mr. Igor Grund observe that the highest priority identified in their
most recent needs assessment—helping students and their families plan for the future—does not
seem to be fully addressed in the approved core counseling curriculum. The curriculum does
include general planning information and the development of skills for success in the three
developmental domains, but does not provide enough specificity to assist students and their
families with the development of individual plans. Therefore, the group agrees that the individual
planning program element will be the focus of their planning activities during the coming school
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