Program Support
Case Study
Program support: The Framework
Mr. Terman and the TK–12 team are once again meeting to have their year-end review
and planning session. They report surprising findings with regard to responsive services. They
have more fully implemented the program elements of individual planning and the guidance
curriculum, now the counselors across grade levels report having more time to provide
responsive services than in previous years. Mr. Terman reports that he observed counselors
spending more time providing individual and group counseling to students with remedial needs,
as well as serving as a consultant to teachers and parents. All counselors report similar
experiences, and Ms. Lerner observes that she spent less of her responsive services time slots
each week in crisis counseling than she had in the past as well. They are eager to pursue planning
and implementation activities related to the fourth program element, program support.
The counselors know that to continue to increase their efficiency and productivity, they must
have a strong support system for their program. Their goals for the coming year are
1. To set specific goals for the management of their programs.
2. To collaborate with each other and distribute the effort for the program element so that all
counselors are providing some aspect of the support, but no one is responsible for all of
the support.
3. To be deliberate in the collection, analysis, and distribution of research and information
that supports the comprehensive program.
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