Digital Sound & Music: Concepts, Applications, & Science, Chapter 1, last updated 6/25/2013
size and shape but are keyed slightly different. An NL2 cable connector can plug into an NL4
panel connector and line up to the 1+/1 pins of the NL4. But the NL4 cable connector cannot
connect to the NL2 panel connector. This helps you avoid a situation where you have two signals
running on the cable with an NL4 connector where the second signal would not be used with the
NL2 panel connector. The third type of speakon connector is the NL8, which has eight pins
allowing four audio signals. The NL8 allows for even more flexible active-crossover solutions.
Since it needs to accommodate eight conductors, the NL8 connector is significantly larger than
the NL2 and NL4. Because of these three different configurations, the term “speakon” is rarely
used in conversations with audio professionals because the word could be describing any one of
three very different connector configurations. Instead most people prefer to use the NL2, NL4,
and NL8 model number when discussing the connections.
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