Digital Sound & Music: Concepts, Applications, & Science, Chapter 6, last updated 6/25/2013
Figure 6.42 A list of sound and MIDI Show Control cues in a sound playback system for
live entertainment
MIDI Relays and Footswitches
You may not always have a device that knows how to respond to MIDI commands. For example,
although there is a MIDI Show Control command format for motorized scenery, the motor that
moves a unit on or off the stage doesn’t understand MIDI commands. However, it does
understand a switch. There are many options available for MIDI controlled relays that respond to
a MIDI command by making or breaking an electrical contact closure. This makes it possible for
you to connect the wires for the control switch of a motor to the relay output, and then when you
send the appropriate MIDI command to the relay, it closes the connection and the motor starts
Another possibility is that you may want to use MIDI commands without a traditional
MIDI controller. For example, maybe you want a sound effect to play each time a door is opened
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