Digital Sound & Music: Concepts, Applications, & Science, Chapter 1, last updated 6/25/2013
can also create powercon patch cables that allow you to daisy chain a power connection between
several devices such as a stack of self-powered loudspeakers. Powercon connectors are color-
coded. A blue connector is used for a power input connection to a device. A white connector is
used for a power output connection from a device.
Powercon power input cable connector. Powercon power input panel connector
Powercon power output cable connector Powercon power output panel connector
Figure 1.40 Powercon connectors
. Dedicated Hardware Processors
While the software and hardware tools available for working with digital audio on a modern
personal computer have become quite powerful and sophisticated, they are still susceptible to all
the weaknesses of crashes, bugs, and other unreliable behavior. In a well-tuned system, these
problems are rare enough that the systems are reliable to use in most professional and home
recording studios. In those cases when problems happen during a session, it's possible to reboot
and get another take of the recording. In a live performance, however, the tolerance for failure is
very low. You only get one chance to get it right and for many, the so-called “virtual sound
systems” that can be operated on a personal computer are simply not reliable enough to be
trusted on a multi-million dollar live event.
These productions tend to rely more on dedicated hardware solutions. In most cases these
are still digital systems that essentially run on computers under the hood, but each device in the
system is designed and optimized for only a single dedicated task mixing the signals together,
applying equalization, or playing a sound file, for example. When a computer based digital audio
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