Digital Sound & Music: Concepts, Applications, & Science, Chapter 1, last updated 6/25/2013
of software change all the time, so you should compare our list with similar software that is
currently available. There are many software options out there ranging from freeware to
commercial applications that cost thousands of dollars. You generally get what you pay for with
these programs, but everyone has to work within the constraints of a reasonable budget. This
book shows you the power of working with professional quality commercial software, but we
also do our best to provide examples using software that is affordable for most students and
educational institutions. Many of these software tools are available for academic licensing with
reduced prices, so you may want to investigate that option as well. Keep in mind that some of
these programs run on only one operating system, so be sure to buy something that runs on your
preferred system. Logic
Logic is developed by Apple and runs on the Mac operating system. This is a very
comprehensive and powerful program that includes audio recording, editing, multitrack mixing,
score notation, and a MIDI sequencer a software interface for recording and editing MIDI.
There are two versions of Logic: Logic Studio and Logic Express. Logic Studio is actually a
suite of software that includes Logic Pro, Wave Burner, Soundtrack Pro, and a large library of
music loops and software instruments. Logic Express is the core Logic program without all the
extras, but it still comes with an impressive collection of audio and software instrument content.
There is a significant price difference between the two, so if you‟re just starting out, try Logic
Express. It‟s very affordable, especially when you consider all the features that are included.
Figure 1.49 is a screenshot from the Logic Pro workspace.
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