Digital Sound & Music: Concepts, Applications, & Science, Chapter 1, last updated 6/25/2013
Figure 1.50 Cakewalk Sonar workspace, multitrack view Adobe Audition
Audition is DAW software made by Adobe. It was originally developed independently under the
name “Cool Edit Pro” but was later purchased by Adobe and is now included in several of their
software suites. The advantage to Audition is that you might already have it depending on which
Adobe software suite you own. Audition runs on Windows or Mac operating systems and
features audio recording, editing, and multitrack mixing. Traditionally, Audition hasn‟t included
MIDI sequencing support. The latest version has begun to implement more advanced MIDI
sequencing and software instrument support, but Audition‟s real power lies in its sample editing
and audio manipulation tools. Audacity
Audacity is a free, open-source audio editing program. It features audio recording, editing, and
basic multitrack mixing. Audacity has no MIDI sequencing features. It‟s not nearly as powerful
as programs like Logic, Cakewalk, and Audition. If you really want to do serious work with
sound, it‟s worth the money to purchase a more advanced tool, but since it‟s free, Audacity is
worth taking a look at if you‟re just starting out. Audacity runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux
operating systems. Figure 1.51 is a screenshot of the Audacity workspace.
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