Digital Sound & Music: Concepts, Applications, & Science, Chapter 1, last updated 6/25/2013
1.5.4 Software for Live Performances
There are software packages that are used specifically in live sound. The first category is analysis
software. This is software that you can run on your computer to analyze acoustic measurements
taken through an analysis microphone connected to the audio interface. Current popular software
solutions include Smaart from Rational Acoustics (Mac/Win), FuzzMeasure Pro (Mac), and
EASERA (Win). Most of the impulse, frequency, and phase response figures you see in this
book were created using FuzzMeasure Pro, shown in Figure 1.56. More information on these
systems can be found in Chapter 2 and Chapter 8.
Figure 1.56 FuzzMeasure Pro analysis software
Another category of software used in live sound is sound playback software. Though it's
possible to play sound cues from your DAW, the interface is really designed for recording and
editing. A dedicated playback software application is much more reliable and easy to use for
sound playback on a live show. Popular playback solutions include QLab (Mac) from Figure 53
and SFX (Win) from Stage Research, shown in Figure 1.57. These systems allow you to create
lists of cues that play and route the sound to multiple outputs on your audio interface. You can
also automate the cues to fade in and out, layer sounds together, and even remotely trigger other
systems such as lighting and projections.
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