Steve Duin
Wake Forest Writers Hall of Fame
Words Awake
April 2016
It’s wonderful to be here tonight. And my wife,
Nancy, and I are especially thrilled that when we
arranged our April concert schedule, we bought
tickets for the Springsteen show in Brooklyn, not
Portland has its weird moments. I’ll cop to that. We
have a naked bike ride. Our major tourist attraction is
a doughnut shop. Since we legalized cannabis, you
can’t go 20 feet without someone offering you
marijuana which is pretty much how I remember
the Lambda Chi house.
But we have figured out the bathroom thing.
That Finley Peter Dunne line, immortalized by Gene
Kelley in “Inherit the Wind,” describing the duty of a
journalism and providing marching orders for the rest
of us?
“Afflict the comfortable, comfort the afflicted.”
When it comes to the bathroom issue, there’s not
much doubt as to who really has the cross to bear.
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