And the reporter hanging up the phone, rushing
into the building or reading the news bulletin would
call out, “WTF.”
Accent on the third syllable.
WTF. This university is so darn inventive. I can’t tell
you how often I’ve wished Wake could do something
with that acronym.
In the newsroom I loved, that was the sentiment that
bound us together in one contentious community.
Can you friggin’ believe this?
There is much to be said for comforting the afflicted.
But reporters are often unnerved or suspicious of
cancer comebacks, Good Samaritans, happy endings.
What binds us together instead, is our anger and
disbelief at the shamelessness in the wings and the
scam artists who profit by it.
That’s why we believe in and dedicate ourselves to
A frightening number of men thought could abuse
their wives and girlfriends without fear of censure
and Maria Henson said, “Not on my watch.”
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