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The Office of Information Systems
is your one stop for all things
computing. Wake Forest students
enjoy a robust suite of software
applications and full access to cloud-
based tools while having the ability
to choose their ideal computer. These
tools will empower you to collaborate
across the University and beyond. As
a Wake Forest student, you can access
many services, such as WFU Google
G Suite for Education, WebEx, Sakai
and WIN, using your DeacNetID
(username) and password. Use of all
Wake Forest technology resources is
governed by the Policy on Responsible
and Ethical Use of Computing
Resources. Please take time to read
this policy, found on is.wfu.edu, as you
are accountable for adhering to it.
Website: is.wfu.edu
Phone: 336.758.4357 (HELP)
Email: help@wfu.edu
Z. Smith Reynolds Library
Website: WakeWare.wfu.edu
Phone: 336.758.4081
Email: WakeWare@wfu.edu
Technology support resources
Wake Forest provides extensive tech
support services:
Computing information, technology tips and
Online Chat at is.wfu.edu
Walk-in assistance from full-time professional
consultants and student assistants at the
Information Systems Service Desk, located on
the main floor of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.
Phone assistance at 336.758.4357.
Action items!
Instructions can be found at
WakeWare laptops available for purchase
on the WakeWare website
Complete the Technology@WFU online
course in Sakai
Enable Google 2-Step Verification for your
WFU Google Mail account
The computer
All undergraduate students at Wake Forest have
the opportunity to purchase a laptop through
WakeWare, the University’s academic technology
program. WakeWare gives you the choice of
specially selected Apple and Dell laptops at a
negotiated price with extended insurance and
warranties. WakeWare laptops are fully supported
on campus without charge. WakeWare Dell or
Apple laptops are designed to best support you
through your years at Wake Forest. All students
must have a laptop that meets established
minimum requirements to support the academic
software required. Information about the
WakeWare program, including software, minimum
configuration requirements and support limitations
on non-WakeWare laptops, is available online at
All new students must complete the Technology@
WFU course. This course will familiarize you
with computing at Wake Forest and will cover
topics ranging from using the campus network to
using personal technology on campus. It will also
introduce you to Sakai, the course-management
system used by faculty. You must complete the
course before July 1 in order to facilitate Round I of
course registration.
Software@WFU offers a variety of academic
software available at no cost for all Wake Forest
students, faculty and staff, including Microsoft
Office, Adobe Creative Cloud and more. Students
should visit software.wfu.edu to download all
needed academic software before the first day
of class.
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