Kyle Scholtz
Steve Vallos Interview
Q: Being a kid from Ohio, what led you to come to Wake Forest to play?
A: I came here to play football. I was actually recruited by Coach Grobe, who was here
before Coach Clawson. Grobe was at Ohio University and they were recruiting me up there;
then they took the job down here and kept recruiting me. They told me my scholarship was
still good at Wake instead of Ohio University. I didn’t know much about Wake Forest, but
came down for a visit and kind of fell in love with the place. I took a chance; it was either
staying in Ohio or figuring something else out and doing something new and I took Wake
and I am glad I did.
Q: Obviously when you were here the team was very successful. You played a role in that
success that hasn’t been as prevalent in the past couple of seasons and since I have been
here. Can you tell me a little about what the atmosphere was like on campus during the
time of that 2006 ACC Championship run?
A: When I got here we were all right. We made a bowl game my freshman year, but the
basketball program won the ACC regular season championship. It was Josh Howard’s
senior year, 2002 or 2003. I mean, it’s exciting when the basketball and football are more
competitive. My first three years playing, we were good and we had some good upsets. I
remember my second year NC State had Phillip Rivers and they were ranked in the top 15
and we were underdogs by probably 21 points and we beat them down here. The stadium
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