Andy Chan, interviewed by Matt Moscoso
Interviewee: Mr. Andy Chan, Vice President for Innovation and Career Development
Interviewer: Matt Moscoso (interview conducted March 9, 2016)
Mr. Chan joined Wake Forest in 2009 and oversees the Office of Personal and Career
Development (OPCD), which helps students successfully navigate from college to career.
Before coming to Wake Forest, Mr. Chan served as the assistant dean and director of the MBA
Career Management Center at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He also has extensive
business and leadership experience having served as CEO for several start-ups. Mr. Chan
received his BA and MBA from Stanford University.
Q. Why did you leave the business world to come to Wake Forest?
A. I believe we need to transform higher education so that Personal and Career Development
(PCD) is a mission critical component of the college student experience. Although I have been
involved in education technology in the business world, I wanted to make a bigger difference in
young people’s lives. I saw that it would be easier to do so from inside higher education rather
than from the external business world. I also believed that Wake Forest could become a global
leader in PCD.
Q. What are the most important initiatives you are working on now in your role as head of
A. I’m involved in several exciting programs to help students transition from college to career.
The new “Handshake” software tool gives students access to numerous job and internship
opportunities as well as extensive career coaching and career exploration information.
Handshake also collects data to measure student learning and success. In the future, this tool will
transform the way college students successfully learn about and manage their career
development. For example, we know that approximately 98% of the Class of 2015 is employed
or attending graduate school.
I’m also involved in solidifying the foundation and increasing the capabilities of the Center for
Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (CICE). The CICE’s mission is to instill an
innovation and entrepreneurial mindset in every student. Wake Forest continues to be a leader in
blending the liberal arts mindset with entrepreneurial action.
Another initiative I’m involved in is building out our global Wake Forest network of parents and
alumni to connect Wake students with jobs across the country and world. So far, we are active in
Wake West (San Francisco and Silicon Valley), Wake Washington, and Wake on Wall Street as
well as many other markets in the future. My team is also involved in building a Young Alumni
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