Griffin Roberts
April 14th, 2016
Interview with Jim Coffey
What brought you to Wake Forest?
There was a career opportunity that seemed interesting to Jim about 30 years ago and he
didn’t want to turn it up. The landscape office was new and from the love he developed for
the outdoors during his childhood the opportunity seemed right. He loved his first visit and
has been here ever since.
What is your favorite thing about this place?
His favorite thing about being at Wake Forest is the students, faculty, and staff that he gets
to interact with each and every day. He is surrounded by a great team environment and
can’t stop himself from smiling when he enters the gates each morning.
What does it take to keep this place looking the way it does?
There are a lot of things that go into creating this beautiful place but among the most
important things is the talented tenure team that works tirelessly to keep Wake Forest’s
beauty alive. Along with the team, constant motivation is key in getting the work done.
From constant weeding, developing new plant pallets, to ensuring environmental
correctness, the team is constantly motivating each other to always make the necessary
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