Lloyd Howard, interviewed by John Haynie
Interview with Lloyd Howard
Professors Wallace and Puckett
When someone who knows Lloyd Howard is asked to describe him, one can only assume a top
class description is on the way. Mr. Howard has been at Wake Forest for a long time. He has
seen more history on this campus than just about anybody else. There is not one man on this
campus who is more respected by students than Lloyd. He is truly one of the most friendly
people that I have ever met, and the fact of the matter is that he cares about his customers. When
I walked into his shop for the first time, I was treated like a long time friend, turns out, that’s
exactly what I was. I look up into the mirror in front of me and see my family's Christmas card
from the previous year. Awestruck, Lloyd caught my eye and told me that he has been cutting
my dad’s hair for years and that he knew it was just a matter of time until I walked into his shop.
This story pretty much sums up Lloyd, a friend to all who treats every customer with top notch
respect. When I had the privilege to sit down and talk to Lloyd, I learned more than I ever
thought I would. I learned that Lloyd's favorite haircut to give was a flat top, where you shave
the sides of the head and leave the top standing tall. When I asked Lloyd which people were his
most memorable haircuts, I could tell that he was a bit baffled by the question, simply because he
has given so many. Lloyd really is a friend to every person that he meets, so this question must
have been difficult for him to answer. Finally, he said that Dr. Hatch, Ron Wellman, and Mike
Ford are three people that he specifically remembers coming into the shop and really enjoying
their company. Lloyd expressed how it was difficult for him to choose because he really gets so
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