Tune Austria, Sung at Centennial Celebration, Commencement, 1935
Hail, Wake Forest, Alma Mater,
A hundred years now crown thy head;
Praise we then our great Creator,
Who through all the years has led.
May thy torch of truth glow brighter,
Still supplied with grace divine;
Clear and strong and ever brighter
On the path of wisdom shine.
Ne'er forgot be thy great mission,
Fire the heart of noble youth,
Guide them with thy safe tuition
To the fount of living truth;
Courage, faith and power inspiring,
Fit their souls for high emprise,
Ever to the heights, untiring,
Patiently to toil and rise.
Dearest Mother, hear the landings,
Of thy sons of other days,
Sons who won the world's applaudings,
Sons whose deeds proclaim thy praise;
Sons whose spirit knew no terror,
Or in high or lowly place,
Sons who braved the frowns of error,
Sons who served with Christlike grace.
Alma Mater, our dear Mother
Honored ever, honored now,
Be it ours to add another
To the laurels on thy brow!
O Wake Forest, how we love thee,
Dowered with thy fostering care;
Kindest Heaven smile above thee,
God exalt and keep thee fair.
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