The Trustees and Their Problems 93
Trustees to constitute a quorum which the charter fixed at nine, failed
to attend at the time appointed for the meetings of the Board. It was
not until May 3-5, 1834, that a quorum was obtained and the first
meeting of the Board held.2 This meeting was at the Institute.
Library, Raleigh. 5. Minutes of the Baptist State Convention, 1834-88, and of the
Chowan Association for the same years. Bound volumes in the College Library. 6.
The record book of the Wake Forest Baptist Church. In the Bursar's vault. 7. Diary
of William Tell Brooks, student during the period of the Institute. In the College
Library. 8. Papers of President Samuel Wait and published article "The Origin and
Early History of Wake Forest College." in Vol. II of the Wake Forest Student. 9.
Articles by students of the period printed in the Wake Forest Student. 10.
Manuscripts, contracts, balance statements, etc. In Bursar's vault. The Biblical
Recorder, 1835-38, New Bern, Raleigh. The best secondary source is Professor
Mills's account "Our College," in Vol. III of the Wake Forest Student. It is drawn
for the most part from the Proceedings, mentioned above. Valuable also are,
Gorrell, "History the Grounds," Bulletin II, 99 f., and Sikes. "Wake Forest Institute,"
Bulletin, III, 99 and "The Genesis of Wake Forest College." "The First Board of
Trustees," Wake Forest Student, Publications of Historical Commission for 1901-05
p. 528 f. Taylor "The Time and its Men," "Bulletin, V, 182 ff.
2 The following letter of Rev. Samuel Wait to Rev. John Armstrong of New Bern
has the matter of a quorum for its burden. It also discusses some other matters to
which I shall refer below:
"Wake Forest Institute, March, 4, 1834.
"My dear Mr. Armstrong
"Our number of students is now 27. Three arrived to day from Richmond Co. A
son of Judge Sewall is coming to morrow, and three others being in the
neighbourhood are expected daily. About forty will, we expect, be on the ground in
a short time. One of the three just from Richmond is a good blacksmith, carpenter,
&c., &c. He comes highly recommended by Br. A. Dockery. We have five from
"No difficulty at all about labour. All are willing to take hold. The only difficulty
is want of funds. Provisions being this year very high, we have as much as we can
do to 'go ahead.'
"Could not get a quorum of the B'd of Trustees in Dec. tried again on the 12th of
Feb, and failed; and now a third trial is to be made at the meeting of B'd of the Con.
which takes place, you know, on Fri. before the first Sab. in May. about one mile
from this place. Do, by all means, attend that meeting. Arrangements must be made
at that time, if not before, for enlarging our accommodations. Unless the brethren
who have charge of the Institute as Trustees shall fall into a deep sleep, and fail of
making due preparation for students, it is more than probable that in less than one
year from this, there will be in the Institution more than one hundred students. But
the Bap. in Wake, with a few, and a very few honorable exceptions, are fast asleep.
"Seeing that something must be done at the time we failed to get a quorum in
Feb., three of the brethren, viz., McAlister, Biddle & Wait, put into the hands of the
Treasurer one hundred dollars each, stating, at the same time,
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