94 History of Wake Forest College
The members present were Rev. John Armstrong of Craven; Rev.
John Culpepper, Sr., and Gen. Alfred Dockery of Anson; Charles W.
Skinner of Edenton ; George W. Thompson, W. Crenshaw, William
Roles, and Rev. John Purefoy of Wake Forest, Thomas Crocker and
Allen Bowden of Franklin; Dr. J. B. Outlaw, Rev. Turner Carter, and
Rev. Aaron J. Spivey of Bertie; Rev. Daniel Boon and Rev. David
Thompson of Johnston ; Rev. David S. Williams of Sampson; and
Rev. Amos J. Battle of Nash 3
When these men had met they called D. Thompson to the chair and
asked G. W. Thompson to act as temporary Secretary. First they
discussed the unsatisfactory charter and, as was stated above, "after
much deliberation," accepted it. Then they effected permanent
organization by electing William Hooper, though ab-
that the Institute might pay them when it should be able to do so, and not before.
The last named br., poor fellow, had to borrow his hundred dollars, for which he
gave a note payable on demand. It cost a considerable sum to procure all that it was
absolutely necessary to procure, and commence operations on the farm and in the
"Our Br. A. Dockery is Br. Dockery still. A recent letter authorizes the purchase
of a complete set of Blacksmith tools at his expense, and, in addition, states, that we
may expect at least one hundred dollars from his Co. in the shape of donations in
the course of this year. Br. A. J. Battle too has done nobly. I have thought for some
time past, that if the Br'n. and friends in Newbern knew how hard we are struggling
to keep this concern up, that they would feel a pleasure in lending a helping hand.
Do you think that they would? Do you think that they have done all that they ought
to do? If we can only get started, I am confident, the institution will entirely support
itself. Mr. Dockery intends to attend the meeting of the B'd in May.. . .
"Necessity compels me to beg you will say to Br. that I shall want a part of
what he owes me this spring. I shall not be at all surprised if I should be under the
necessity of using a few hundred dollars more of my own money, before I shall
have the pleasure of seeing the proper arrangements made for the accommodation of
all the students who will yet wish a situation here.
"The first note is dated June 29, 1831, amount $428.73. The second was given
August 29, 1831, amount $170. The third is dated August 17, 1832, amountd $350.
Br. ___________ may pay the two first if convenient. As I have already borrowed
one hundred dollars, my situation is considerably urgent.
If, however, it should happen to be a matter of convenience to Br. to do so,
he may pay only the first. The money can be sent on by yourself, and the notes
returned in the same way. I will thank him to present his account for payment, some
little loss you know on S. C. bills.
"I must in closing repeat my request, that you will attend the meeting of
the B'd in May....
Proceedings, May 3, 1834.
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