The Trustees and Their Problems 95
sent, President. Mr. G. W. Thompson, Secretary, and William
Crenshaw, Treasurer. At the second meeting thereafter in December,
1834, the Board, received information that because of poor health
Professor Hooper could not accept, and elected in his place Dr. Joseph
B. Outlaw, who served until December, 1838, when Rev. Thomas
Meredith became the President. Mr. Thompson resigned on
November, 1835, and was succeeded by William Roles of Rolesville.
At the meeting in June, 1839, since Mr. Roles had left the State,
Professor J. B. White was elected Secretary.4
Only seventeen of the forty members of the Board were present at
the first meeting of the Board and not quite so many at any
subsequent meeting during the years of the Institute. Many of the
original forty never attended a meeting. As many as twenty of them
had resigned or died or left the State before November, 1838, and
their successors had been elected. In addition to the men named above
those reported in the Proceedings as attending one or more meetings
of the Board in this period were W. P. Biddle of Craven ; Rev. George
W. Hufham of Duplin ; Rev. Charles McAlister of Fayetteville ; Rev.
Reuben T. Sanders of Johnston; Professor William Hooper of Chapel
Hill; and John Foushee of Chatham ; Allen S. Wynne, Samuel Wait,
Foster Fort, David Justice, and William H. Jordan of Wake; Simon J.
Jeffreys of Franklin ; and T. B. Barnett of Granville.
It may be well here to call attention to the geographical distribution
of these men. It will be found that almost without exception the
Trustees who took an active interest in the institution were from the
slaveholding sections of the State. At the first meeting only Dockery
and Culpepper were present from a point west of Wake Forest.
During the entire period of the Institute interest in the school was
centered chiefly in the stretch of country lying to the northeast of
Raleigh, including the Chowan Associaion, of which, with some show
of reason, Wake Forest College has been called "the foster
Proceedings, 1834-39.
Delke. History of the Chowan Association, p. 50.
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