The Trustees and Their Problems 101
it. This committee reported at the same meeting but no answer was
published. At the next meeting of the Convention, that of 1835, at
Union Camp Ground in Rowan County, the following resolution was
Resolved, That inasmuch as the Wake Forest Institute is, in point
of fact, the offspring of the Convention, the Trustees of that institu-
tion be requested to accept from this body a nomination out of
which to choose members to fill all vacancies occuring in that
To this request the Board promptly agreed with the added stip-
ulation that the Convention should make two nominations for every
vacancy to be
The plan worked well and there was no further
friction. The Convention at that time, as since, was directed by men
who were active members of the Board of Trustees of the school. Its
president was General Alfred Dockery, and it was he who appointed
the nominating committee. This was almost always made up of
members of the Board of Trustees, and their nominations were
accepted so much without question that the names of those nominated
were not even published in the minutes of the Convention. After the
Civil War it was only occasionally, as in 1875, that the Convention
made nominations. Later, its right to do so was forgotten, and the
Board of Trustees filled vacancies on its own nominations. This
arrangement continued until December, 1912, when a modification of
the method of election was made which will be mentioned later.
It seems probable that the question of the right of the Board to fill
vacancies in its membership was connected with the trouble that the
Board had in getting a title for the farm, which, as we have seen, was
conveyed in 1832 by Dr. Calvin Jones to a Committee of the
Convention, consisting of John Purefoy, William R. Hinton, S. G.
Jeffreys, Jr., and Jas. G. Hall. As this committee had not deeded this
land to the Board at the time of its meeting in May, 1834, the Board
appointed a committee "to superintend the transfer of the land
belonging to the Institute
Minutes of the Convention for 1835.
Proceedings, November 26,
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