102 History of Wake Forest College
to the Board of Trustees, and to report at the next meeting." At this
next meeting, that at Cashie in November, 1834, the committee was
continued and "requested to obtain the transfer as soon as possible."
Again in July, 1835, the Board found it necessary to continue the
committee. The delay was probably due to the reluctance of the
committee which purchased the land for the Convention to release the
denomination's interest in it to a Board which legally was beyond
denominational control. There is evidence that this committee in
making deeds in accord with the request of the Board had insisted on
making the title still vest in the denomination and not primarily in the
Board. At its meeting on November 26, 1835, the Board voted to
consult "some distinguished lawyer" as to validity of the various
conveyances attempted, and also as to the "practicability of conferring
the title of the same to the Baptist denomination."14 It was only after
the Convention was reasonably sure that the Board of Trustees would
fill vacancies from nominations made by the Convention that it later
at the same session voted to transfer the title to the land to the
At the meeting in July, 1835, nine vacancies were reported to the
Board. Two Trustees, Turner Carter and Stephen Graham, had died;
six, W. P. Biddle, James King, Thomas Boyd, Thomas Stradley,
Alfred Burt, and Daniel Boone, had resigned, and one, Hugh Quinn,
had left the State. At this time seven new members were elected. They
were Peter P. Lawrence of Edgecombe; Archibald H. Davis; David
Justice of Wake; John Foushee of Chatham ; William H. Jordan,
Raleigh pastor; Thomas Graves of Caswell; and Reuben T. Sanders of
Johnston. At the next meeting the resignation of Charles McAlister
was reported, and that of Aaron J. Spivey in November, 1836, at
which time, though no further resignations are reported in the
Proceedings, ten new members were elected. These were Thomas
Meredith of Raleigh; James McDaniel of Fayetteville; James C.
Stephenson of New
Proceedings, November 26, 1835.
Minutes of the Convention for 1835, p. 9.
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