The College Buildings 105
The records of the Board of Trustees6 indicate that the large
wooden building and one of the smaller buildings were built by Isham
Young. For the large building he was offered in full payment $769,
and for the smaller $528.75, but on his refusal to take these sums was
paid somewhat more. The other small building was built by Mr.
Foster Fort, who received $20 more than the estimated cost.7
At the meeting in December, 1834, the Board ordered that the
construction of further small buildings be discontinued. But during
the next year the students "erected a comfortable house with four
This house served as a professor's residence.
That this was regarded with pleasure by Trustees may be inferred
from the fact that the Board at its meeting, November 26, 1836,
authorized the building committee to construct another "to be built by
As no further record of this building appears its
construction was probably never begun, the plan being superseded by
a much more promising one, as we shall see below.
To provide funds for the erection of the buildings was a task that
the Board had to face at its first meeting, and it faced it squarely. The
Trustees present began by taking a collection among themselves,
subscriptions to be payable in five equal annual
Charles W. Skinner subscribed $500, David S. Williams $500, while
"many others gave $250 each."11 The total amount of the
subscriptions made by the members of the Board at this time was
more than three thousand
For many years it formed the rear part of the residence of Dr. Wait, and sub-
sequently of Dr. C. E. Taylor. It was afterwards removed to a lot situated on the
corner of Pine and Middle streets, and forms the main part of the humble residence
to the writer." The south building is also preserved and forms a part of a cottage on
South Middle Street formerly belonging to Mr. F. M. Purefoy.
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