110 History of Wake Forest College
corner stone; there were no ceremonies, and it seems that Professor
Armstrong acting for the committee contented himself with laying a
lead plate in the north corner of the front projection, inscribed on one
side with the names of the President and Governor and the President
of the Convention, and on the other with the names of the officers of
the Institute and of the Literary Societies and that of the
25 The records of the Literary Societies show that they desired to have part in the
Exercises, but were informed that they would be "entirely private." Eu. Society
Records, August 17, 1835. After the burning of the old College Building, on May 5,
1933, a plate of lead was found in the north corner of the front projection, about
three feet above ground. This plate, somewhat irregular in outlines, is about 9 1/2 by
3 1/2 inches, and of heavy plate. On one side, beginning just below the center is the
A. Jackson Prs.
U. S.
D. L. Swain
Gov. N. C.
A. Dockery
Pr Convention
On the other side the following inscription covers the face:
Wake Forest
Sep. 1835
Sam Wait, Prin.
J. Armstrong, Prof. Lan.
H. L. Graves, Tut
.J. B. Outlaw, Prof. Anat & Phi.
W. Crenshaw
J. B. Outlaw
C. W. Skinner
A. J. Battle
A. J. Spivey
Buil. Comm.
Philomathesian Society
J. C. Dockery, Pres.
A. L. Yancey, V. Pres.
W. W. Childers, Sec.
E. Holland, Trs.
Euzelian Society
E. Burns, Pres.
H. Hinton, V. Pres.
W. T. Brooks, Sec.
J. H. Brooks, Trs.
J. Berry, Arch
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