The College Buildings 113
poured like sand. The roof was of zinc, by agreement after contract
was let. Of this 10,000 pounds were used, at a cost of 10 1/2 cents a
pound for the 70,000 square feet of the roof; the additional cost was
$180. The zinc, however, made a very bad roof, since it soon cracked
and became leaky beyond repair.
The need of houses for the professors was very keenly felt from the
first. Although the students had, as we have seen, built a four-room
cottage, and had been asked by the Board to assist in erecting another,
the Trustees had in mind much better structures when at the meeting
in November, 1834, they authorized the Building Committee to have
erected "two houses, 36 feet long, and 32 feet wide, two stories high,
for the professors to occupy." Before the project for the last wooden
building got well under way, the Board had a very generous
proposition from two members of the Building Committee, C. W.
Skinner and A. J. Battle, to erect houses of brick as first planned. The
terms which these gentlemen proposed and which were accepted by
the Board were that they should advance the money for the building
which the Board was to repay when some friends should donate it to
the Institute. In the meantime, Messrs. Skinner and Battle were each
to receive interest on the money he might spend not to exceed three
thousand dollars for the building and
These houses were nearly completed in May, 1838, and the cost of
the two was stated by Mr. Skinner to be $6,000 or $7,000.28 The final
cost of the house built by Mr. Skinner was
Another concern of the Board was to secure the erection of a hotel,
public house, tavern, inn, or house of entertainment, at Wake Forest.
Though the Board passed frequent resolutions
27 Proceedings, November 25, 1836.
28 Minutes of the Chowan Association for 1838, "Report on Wake Forest
29 Letter of Mr. Skinner in Proceedings, June 12, 1850. The extra cost was
probably for the lot and other improvements. The original contract for both
buildings in the Bursar's vault shows that Captain Berry built them for $3,000 each.
The contract was let November 26, 1836; Mr. Skinner paid on Nov. 8, 1838, Mr.
Battle on Nov. 10, 1838.
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