The Teachers of the Institute 125
by his Report on Education to the Baptist State Convention of 1843,
in which he appeals to the Baptist ministers of the State to support
common school education as the supreme need of its people and one
of the best means of improving the churches. We shall return to White
later in our history.
Daniel Ford Richardson, elected to the place of Armstrong, was
also a New Englander, but I have not been able to find at what college
he obtained his degree. Sikes, who had his information from a student
of the time, the late Mr. J. M. Brewer, says that Richardson was
"small of stature and rather testy in temperament."21 Hardly had
Richardson reached Wake Forest when he was ordained to preach.22
He seems to have been a preacher of fair ability.23 The files of the
Biblical Recorder for the period in which he was at Wake Forest
show that he had several country churches and had some success as
an evangelist. He did not seem to like his work as teacher of Latin and
Greek, but he knew something of Hebrew. It was probably at his in-
stance that the Board of Trustees in February, 1838, appointed a
committee to consider the advisability of establishing a theological
department, a departure which had been considered for some time.
This department was not established, but in July, 1839, Richardson
was elected Professor of Hebrew and Rhetoric, while Stephen
Morse,24 who had come to the Institute in February,
21 “He came from the North by the old stage road that passed through Rolesville
to Raleigh. The stage dropped him at Rolesville. There was only one way for him to
reach the `Hill,' and that was to walk, which he did. On this tramp he was
accompanied by a new student who was in the same predicament. That new student
was our honored and respected townsman, J. M. Brewer," Ibid.
22 Record Book of the Wake Forest Baptist Church, minute for April 6,
1838. Biblical Recorder, April 28, 1838.
23 Brooks mentions only one or two sermons by him, but when President Wait
took the field as agent for the Institute and the Convention in 1839, the church made
Richardson "co-pastor." Record Book of Wake Forest Church, February 16, 1839.
24 The following are the records of Wilcox, White, and Morse, taken from the
Graduate Records of Brown University:
Wilcox, Horace Alexander, A.B., A.M. Student Newton Theological Institution;
ordained Baptist minister, 1835; pastor Wilmington, Conn.; professor Wake Forest
College, N. C.; Agent American Baptist Home Mission Society,
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