136 History of Wake Forest College
We now turn to consider the rules and regulations which the Board
of Trustees enacted for the Institute. For the Trustees, so far from
entrusting the management of the institution to the faculty, made
regulations for faculty and students alike. It was the function of the
faculty to execute the laws prescribed by the Trustees.
It was the duty of every teacher to attend prayers and all public
functions and to devote his entire time to the work of the Institute.
The faculty were also required regularly to visit the students' rooms,
to see that they behaved and worked as they should and went to bed
and got up at proper hours, and to preside at the students' meals.
The regulations adopted for the students formed an elaborate
Students were required first of all to reside and take their
meals at the Institute and to conform to all the regulations of the
Manual Labor Department; not to leave the premises on any occasion
or for any purpose without the permission of the Principal; to rise in
the morning and to retire to their rooms at night at such hours as the
faculty might from time to time designate; to attend prayers twice a
day, once in the morning and once in the evening; to attend religious
services twice on the Lord's Day; not to purchase from any shop or
store any article whatsoever-all necessary articles were to be
purchased by the Principal or some member of the faculty; to hand
over to the Principal all money they might have brought with them,
while no student should be allowed more than five dollars a year for
pocket money; not to keep any dirk, sword-case, fire arms or any
other weapons of
Seemingly after a year it was thought that
the Principal was too compliant to the student's in their desire to
spend more than the prescribed amount, and it was resolved, "That
there shall be nothing purchased for any student of the Wake Forest
Institute, unless an order be received from the parent or guardian to
the Principal or some other mem-
These rules were prepared in the first year by a committee consisting of T.
Meredith, J. S. Stevenson and William Sanders. Proceedings, p. 6.
Proceedings, p. 6 ff., 12, 19, 20.
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