152 History of Wake Forest College
The Euzelian Society soon occupied the same ground, and under its Captain, Mr.
Wise, received their banner of blue in the same manner and from the same hands.
The following address accompanied the presentation.
"Sir: In committing to your care the Banner of the Euzelian Society, allow me to
express my ardent desire, that the Arts, and Sciences and Literature, and an
honorable course of extensive usefulness, may characterize the members of this
Association, and that you may ever cherish all those kindred virtues, which happily
blended, form the basis of true excellence and true greatness. You have chosen your
course. The motto of this banner proclaims that you will surmount every opposing
obstacle which may impede your way in the pursuit of knowledge. Go on; and while
the vital spark shall continue to animate your throbbing bosoms set no limit to your
researches; and when you shall have passed the boundary of time, may it be yours to
explore new fields of knowledge in the realms of unsullied felicity."
The students now formed in lines, two abreast and six feet apart,
behind their respective banners and made their way to the grove, to
the north of the Campus, where an eager company of visitors, parents
and friends, and the young ladies of the neighborhood was awaiting
them. As soon as the first note of the music was heard every whisper
was hushed and, every eye was turned in eager expectancy to catch
the first glimpse of the approaching young men bringing their
banners. Being in a depression they could not at first see the
companies, but as they came in view their enthusiasm was great and
they marked with wonder the skillful marches and countermarches by
which the young men came to their seats, each Society in a group.
Then the two Presidents conducted the Clergymen, the Reader and the
Orator to the rostrum to the sound of music. Mr. Dennis, Baptist
pastor at Wake Union, offered prayer, J. T. Rayner, a student from
Bertie, read the Declaration of Independence, and J. C. Dockery of
Richmond County delivered the Oration.
After the oration, and the benediction pronounced by Mr.
Thompson, Professor Armstrong, who had drilled the young men for
the Exercises of the day, requested the visitors to remain while
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