162 History of Wake Forest College
The news of these revivals brought great joy to the friends of Wake
Forest. They saw in them the seal of the Lord's approval on the
Institute, while Meredith, as if answering captious critics, said, "What
will the opposition say to this?5
The "Reports on the Institute" for these years to the Baptist State
Convention read like psalms of victory. The following is an extract
from the Report for 1934:
Your committee cannot close this report without referring to the blessed fact of
the late revival among the students of the Institution. We may say blessed, because
few such incidents are to be found in the annals of history-that it should please God,
in such an almost miraculous manner, to pour out his spirit upon so many, so young,
by such feeble means, in so short a period, to the conversion, and we hope, the final
salvation of about forty souls; but such are the facts, and though to us they may
appear wonderful, yet we rejoice in their result, and take courage in the belief that
God, in his good providence, is already rewarding the labor of those who have
toiled to put the Institution into operation, by thus early bringing to a knowledge of
the truth, as it is in Jesus, those whose happy lot it has been to be placed in Wake
Forest Institute.6
Met for worship. Sermon by Mr. Armstrong from Matt. 19:21. His sermon was
very interesting and instructive; his appeals to the unconverted were quite touching.
Evening. Met in prayer meeting. Mr. Wait gave quite a warm exhortation;
considerable feeling on the occasion. After meeting Brother Jones and Brother
Hoskins went down to the Bethel which was visited last year, and whilst looking
about, they recollected the good times we had on last year, which had a tendency to
soften their hearts, and made them feel considerably revived. After this several of
the other brethren went down, and sang and prayed and exhorted. Several of the
students who were not professors of religion went down also, and some of them
seemed considerably affected. I hope we shall yet have a glorious revival. The signs
of the times seem to indicate something good." And under date of September 4.
"Met in the afternoon. Serious feeling among the students. Mr. Wait gave quite an
appropriate exhortation. Met at night, and behold, the blessed Redeemer of man was
with us and we had a most glorious time."
Accounts of the revival of 1837 may be found briefly in the Diary of Brooks,
who says that some of the services were at Wake Union church; and in the Biblical
Recorder of September 6 and 13, in letters of Rev. J. J. Finch and President Wait.
The number of conversions was 25 of whom 14 were students.
5 Baptist Interpreter, September, 30, 1834.
6 From "Report on the Institute," in Convention minutes, Union Camp Ground,
Rowan County, October 30 to November 3, 1835.
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