Religion in the Institute 163
The following is from the Report of 1836:
Your committee cannot express the emotions of gratitude to God, and the joy,
with which the fact that another revival has occurred among the students fills their
bosoms. Three revivals in three successive years ! Is not this an unparalleled
occurrence? Surely God takes delight in this institution. He has stamped it with the
seal of his approbation-shall it not then continue to prosper We believe it will.
And the following is from the Report for 1837:
And most glorious of all, God has blessed it, every year of its existence, with a
most remarkable outpouring of his holy spirit, upon teachers and pupils, and in the
present year the surrounding neighborhood. We know of no other seminary of
learning so signally blessed in this respect. In that sequestered spot of rural beauty,
where the solitude and silence of the forest were only broken by the moans of the
passing breezes, the lights of science now scatter their radiance, the hum of industry
is heard, and by the messenger of truth, "the violated law speaks out its thunders,
and in strains as sweet as angels use, the Gospel whispers peace," and the repentant
sigh and heartfelt prayer of the penitent and the song of new born souls, break ever
and anon, upon the ears of cherubim and men.
As a result of the first revivals came the organization of the Wake
Forest Baptist Church. In 1834 the only Baptist church in the vicinity
was at Wake Union, a mile to the northwest. The faculty and students
of the Institute worshipped in the chapel of the school. The services
on Sundays consisted of preaching in the morning and prayer meeting
at night. On June 21, 1835, was organized the Society of Inquiry for
the purpose of promoting the spiritual welfare of the
this society on the afternoon of August 16, 1835, a proposition was
made and approved that a church be formed at the Institute. A
committee of three was appointed to get the names of prospective
Brooks' s Diary. "June 21, Sunday evening, two o'clock. Met this evening for
the purpose of forming a Society, which we call the inquiry Society of Wake Forest
Institute. The object of this society is for our own spiritual welfare and the welfare
of others."
Brooks's Diary, August 16, 1835.
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