168 History of Wake Forest College
ized to furnish them with an instrument of writing signed by him and
the Clerk which shall be considered a License." This was adopted.
It is important to observe that the great religious development
which we have outlined above was due primarily to the character and
influence of President Wait and Professor Armstrong. The Diary of
W. T. Brooks, from which I have quoted so often, contains a record of
the religious work of the Institute beginning with March 14, 1835, and
continuing to the summer of 1837. This reveals the great religious
activity of both these men. During this time Brooks tells of no fewer
than seventy-five sermons he heard at the Institute; of nearly all he
gives the texts; of many he gives the outlines. He credits President
Wait with twenty-four sermons, and always speaks of them with ap-
preciation, remarking on their appropriateness, their force, their
interest, but evidently finding them somewhat less animated than he
would have liked. For Armstrong, Brooks mentions thirty-two
sermons, besides numerous addresses and exhortations. He nearly
always gives an outline and often a course of reflection aroused by
them. The following notes will serve to indicate something of the
enthusiasm Armstrong's sermons aroused in his youthful hearer:
Sunday, March 14, 1835. Attended worship in the new Acad.
Sermon by Prof. Armstrong from 9th chapter of Luke, Whosoever
shall be ashamed of me, etc. Very much pleased with the services of
the day. May 5, 1835. Sermon by Prof. Armstrong from Luke 16:25.
"Son, Remember." I do not remember ever hearing a more searching
sermon in all my life. Sunday, July 19, 1835. Sermon from Titus 2:13.
I never heard a more beautiful description of the coming of our
blessed Lord and Saviour in all my life. April 28, 1836. Sermon much
to purpose. He made a most solemn appeal to the unconverted. May 1.
He addressed the unconverted with uncommon pathos and
earnestness. May 21, 1837. His sermon was really sublime.
Brooks's Diary shows that Armstrong and Wait were very helpful to
the students in prayer meeting and in their Society
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