186 History of Wake Forest College
excellent scholars and teachers, who had discontinued all preparatory
work and were teaching only the courses of the college, and these
courses equal to those of any other Southern institution ; its alumni
were already exercising a wide influence in the State and making the
Baptist denomination respected; one of her own zealous sons was
president of the College and had the support of a host of warm and
able friends. It shall be my purpose to tell how this was brought about.
The Board set about the pursuit of this purpose with much
resolution, that is, the few faithful members who never said fail. Chief
among these in the first hard years were Alfred Dockery, G. W.
Thompson, S. Wait, W. M. Crenshaw, A. J. Battle, C. W. Skinner, R.
T. Sanders, D. S. Williams, D. Justice, W. H. Jordan, John Purefoy
and T. B. Barnett. Later, as either death or removal from the State
caused some of these to drop out, other faithful men appeared to take
their places. There was a noble group of these, among whom were N.
J. Palmer, J. S. Purefoy, S. J. Wheeler, G. W. Purefoy, Elias Dodson,
S. S. Biddell, J. J. Biggs, J. A. McDaniel, J. J. James, J. J. Finch, and
William Jones. At the close of the period the names of T. E. Skinner,
J. L. Pickard, A. McDowell, G. R. French, R. H. McRacken, H.
Hester, W. W. Vass, and T. J. Pitchford had begun to appear in the list
of those who attended the meetings of the
I give here a table made from the records showing the number of times each
member of the Board attended its meetings from 1839 to 1863: S. Wait, 42; J. S.
Purefoy, 35; G. W. Thompson, 30; Dr. W. M. Crenshaw, 27; J. J. James, 26; W. H.
Jordan, 20; D. S. Williams, 19; D. Justice, 18; N. J. Palmer, 17; Wm. Jones, 16; G.
W. Purefoy, 16; Alfred Dockery, S. S. Biddle, S. J. Wheeler, 15 each; T. B. Barnett,
14; G. W. Skinner, 13; J. J. Biggs, J. A. McDaniel, 12 each; E. Dodson and H.
Hester, 11 each; J. J. Finch, 10; A. J. Battle, R. T. Sanders, 9 each; T. Meredith,
Foster Fort, A. McDowell, John Mitchel, T. E. Skinner, 8 each; G. W. Jones, C.
Wooten, A. M. Lewis, T. W. Tobey, W. Russell, G. R. French, John Purify, J. N.
Patterson, J. L. Prichard, R. H. McRacken, 7 each; W. Hooper, T. Crocker, 5 each;
S. H. Cannady, Calvin Graves, G. C. Moore, D. Thompson, R. W. Lawson, T. J.
Pitchford, W. W. Vass, J. C. Averitt, A. S. Wynne, 4 each; G. M. Thompson, J. B.
White, 3 each; Wm. Crenshaw, R. B. Jones, John Kerr, A. G. Jones, P. A. Dunn, N.
Lennon, S. Mason, 2 each; J. Armstrong, W. P. Biddle, J. Crocker, E. Hester,
Thomas Settle, A. C. Perry, J. F. Martin, L. Bond, C. D. Ellis, G. W. Johnson, J. T.
Knapp, J. H. Mills, J. Crocker, Q. H. Trotman, 1 each.
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