192 History of Wake Forest College
and 5, and probably lots Nos. 6 and 7, on which are now the Perry and
Reed homes, came into the possession of Professor W. G. Simmons.
The house built by Mr. Battle very early became the property of the
College. It was finally sold with the lots on which it was situated,
together with lots 62 and 63, to S. S. Biddle for $2,000, or a full
thousand dollars less than the cost of building the house itself. This
property extended the whole length of the block on the east side of
South Main Street. The trustees authorized this sale on June 13,
The whole number of lots was eighty. Of these the lots on all sides
of the Campus, except those on Back Street were reserved for the use
of the College. In addition lots Nos. 72 and 73 were also
Most of these reserved lots are today the property of the College,
though some of them have passed through other hands since 1839. As
we have seen, the South Brick House was on lots 72 and 73, which
were sold with the house to S. S. Biddle, and are the present Gill
place. On June 13, 1850, Mr. J. S. Purefoy offered the Trustees one
hundred dollars for the four acres of land between the Campus as
indicated on the map and the railroad, which offer the Trustees voted
to accept, instructing the Executive Committee to close the deal and
give a deed for the
Evidently the Trustees acted without
consulting the faculty, and by their hasty action came near making
impossible such a development of the college grounds in this
direction as we have today. On learning of the sale, the faculty, which
at that time consisted of President John B. White and Professors W. T.
Brooks and W. H. Owen, prepared a letter of protest which was
presented to the Board at its meeting on October 15, 1850. With the
consent of Mr. Purefoy the contract was canceled, and the Trustees
pledged "themselves to Brother Purefoy and his legal representatives
that they would never dispose of or sell said lots, nor any of the
grounds described above to any
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