The Town of Wake Forest 193
person, but reserve them for College purposes or Campus. The lots
referred to are in the town plot lots Nos. 1, 2, 3, 76, 75, 74." Thanks to
the foresight of the faculty and the kindness of Mr. Purefoy there is
now nothing between the Campus and the railroad except the public
highway. Main Street was never extended through the Campus as
indicated in the plot. Instead, it ran from south to north on a curve of
which there are today indications in some osage orange trees, some
near the church to the east, and others at the northern gate, which are
remnants of a hedge which once was a fence for this part of the
Campus. It was Dr. Charles E. Taylor who extended the Campus still
further and enclosed the eastern half with a wall, turning corners at
right angles, and leaving only sufficient space for a road between wall
and railroad. This was in 1885.17 Since that time there have been
several efforts to have the road run straight through the Campus as
indicated in the plot. The last of these was in 1923, pending the
construction of the hard-surfaced highway. But this failed as the other
efforts had failed, and the limits of the Campus may now be regarded
as fixed.
In 1846 negotiations were begun with J. S. Purefoy to build a hotel
at the College, and at a meeting of the Board in October, 1847, the
sale of lots to him for that purpose was authorized. The deed shows
that all the unsold land of the College west of South Street, east of
Middle Street and west of the Powell Road now South Main Street)
four and three-quarters acres, was sold to Mr. Purefoy for $75.
Included in this tract were lots 66, 67, 68, 69. Of these lot 67, lying
opposite the Alumni Building, has again come into the possession of
the College.18
Lots 26, 27, 28, 29, to the North of the Campus west of Main
Street were not sold until after the Civil War. At some time after
June, 1844, some of the temporary buildings of the College were
moved to lots 26 and 27, the chapel being placed on the latter
17 The campus wall was left unfinished by Dr. Taylor, extending only to the
church on the south and to Middle Street on the north. Mr. Earnshaw took up the
work and completed the wall in 1927.
18 Proceedings, pp. 66, 68; Records of the Register of Deeds, Book 19, p. 251.
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