194 History of Wake Forest College
and serving after that as the "African Chapel," for the religious
services of the colored part of the Wake Forest Baptist church, and
also for the services of the entire church while the College Building
was occupied as a hospital for wounded soldiers during the
The other building, which was on lot 26, was rented for a store.
After the War, lots 28 and 29 were sold to W. T.
they went successively to Dr. C. E. Taylor and Mr. C. D. Gore, who
gave them with three houses he had built on them to the College in
the year 1910. The College has never sold the lot 30, just north of the
Gore property, and still retains also lots 12, 13, 14, 15, 79, 80, which
six lots comprise the old athletic field.
The lots south of the Campus and west of Middle Street, Nos. 62,
63, 64, 65, comprising the square in which is Professor Sledd's
residence, were sold to William Jones. He first bought lot 62 and on it
built a house. The deed for this is not recorded. The deed for the other
three was made in 1848, and shows that the area was reckoned at four
acres and the purchase price
Though there is no record of the
deed, lot 78 was very early sold to Dr. A. H. Taylor, who erected on it
a dwelling. In a few years he sold it to J. S. Purefoy; it is now the
home of former President W. L. Poteat. Lot 77, next to the railroad on
the south, was sold in 1842 to John A. Moore and Hannah Cameron,
who seem to have sold it to Dr. A. H. Taylor. Thus all the lots south
of the Campus were sold before the War.
Of the lots north of the Campus those numbered 10 and 11 were
first sold on June 6, 1852, to J. S. Purefoy for $200. Of these lot No.
10 was almost immediately sold to Robert Hicks, who erected a house
thereon in which he ran a boarding house. This house, now
remodeled, is the Parsonage. On lot 11 is now
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