196 History of Wake Forest College
Cullom and Mr. Medlin, to the eastern limits of the land on what is
known as the Ridge Path. This area was 113 acres, and the price
named in the deed was $681. The Trustees confirmed the sale in June,
On October 30, 1842, there were deeded to John B. White all the
College land and lots to the south and west of Back Street and a line
extending from the middle point in West Avenue in Back Street to
Richland Creek. This survey included the lots 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60,
61, and the land south of lots 62 and 69 to Red Hill Branch.
Following Red Hill Branch along the line of Benjamin Holding, the
line crossed Richland Creek at the ford of the old Forestville road.
From here it ran along this road on the west side of the creek to the
land "occupied by one Davis," thence around this land back to the
creek, thence up the creek to where it was cut by the line down the
middle of West Avenue extended. This tract contained ninety-four
acres. The sale price was $1,000. On it was the old Jones manor-
house which had been moved some years before to make room for the
The parcel of fifty acres immediately to the north of the land sold to
White was, on June 25, 1842, sold to W. T. Brooks. This included lot
52, on which Mr. Brooks built his house, which later was the home of
Mr. J. C. Caddell, the son-in-law of Mr. Brooks. It also included lot
51, 50, 49, and 48 extending beyond Pine Street to the
price paid was $250. In 1930 the entire Brooks property, except the
lots of Dr. Bryan and Mr. Ray, again came into the possession of the
College. Lots 53 and 54 opposite the present gymnasium and
Bostwick Dormitory, were also sold to Brooks on February 25, 1848.
In 1898 these lots again came into the possession of the College, and
in 1916 the College again acquired the land west of the southern part
of Back Street including the athletic field and so much of the golf
links as Professor White had
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