The Town of Wake Forest 197
On June 25, 1842, the land north of that sold to Brooks and south of
that sold to Isham Holding was deeded to Samuel Wait. The area was
64 acres. It included all the lots west of Middle Street and north of
Pine Street except lot 32, and extended to Richland Creek. The price
paid was $600, possibly the sale price of lots 8, 9, 22, 23 being
included in this amount.32
We have thus traced the disposition of the lands and lots to the west
of the railroad. The right of way for the railroad, then known as the
Raleigh and Gaston Railroad, was given by the Trustees on July 3,
1837. On February 25, 1848, a tract of 30 acres, east of the railroad,
and extending from it to the Ridge Path, and bounded on the south by
the lands of "the late Benjamin Holding" was sold to W. T. Brooks.33
On January 1, 1852, Mr. Brooks bought 94 acres lying directly
north of the thirty acres east of the railroad he had previously bought.
The price was fixed by the Trustees at $10 an acre, when they refused
to ratify a sale by the Executive Committee of the same land at $7.50
an acre to David Justice. 34
At the same time the remaining land belonging to the College east
of the railroad was deeded to J. M. Brewer. Its area was 42 acres not
including the Graveyard, which was reserved, and it lay between the
land sold to Brooks and that sold to Isham Holding. The price, which
included that of lots 21, and 32, was $550.35
Soon after the Civil War the College had again come into the
possession of a strip of land east of the railroad extending from the
original limits of the College land on the south to the land sold to
Isham Holding on the north. When the railroad station was moved to
Wake Forest in 1872, these lands were laid out into town lots and
sold, as we shall see when we come to that period.
Above I have indicated all the sales of land and lots made before
the War. They took almost all the lands of the College.
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