198 History of Wake Forest College
Mr. Isham Holding owned a strip at the north; the lands to the east of
the railroad had been sold to Mr. J. M. Brewer, and Professor W. T.
Brooks; the farm land to the south and west of the Campus as far
north as the middle line of West Avenue had gone to Professor John
B. White; the fifty-two acres immediately north of this to Professor
W. T. Brooks; while the property north of Brooks's land and as far
east as Middle Street had gone to President Wait.
At the close of this period, North Main Street did not run farther
than Juniper Street. On it were the North Brick House and the house
of Mr. Robert Hicks, now the Parsonage. These were on the east side.
On the west side were the houses of Mr. J. M. Brewer and Dr. Wait,
the present Taylor residence. On the corner where now is the brick
store next the Campus was a small building used as a store; next it
where now is the residence of Mr. Powers was the Africian Chapel.
On lot 31 Mr. Hackney built a small house.
On the west of the Campus were the houses of Dr. Brooks, and of
Dr. Walters, who had bought the house from President White. To the
southwest where the President's house now stands, was the home of
President Wingate, built in 1856, burned several years ago, and
further west that of Mr. Rabun, the present Lassiter house. On the
south was the home of Mr. J. A. Battle, built in 1856, who on the
death of Mr. William Jones a few years before had bought the lots Mr.
Jones had got from the College. His house, now remodeled, is the
home of Professor Sledd. The next house was the Wake Forest Hotel,
built by Mr. J. S. Purefoy, which stood where is now the vacant lot
across the street from the Alumni Building. Just south of it was Mr.
Purefoy's store. Then came the South Brick Building, the home today
of Mr. Gill, and the home of Dr. A. H. Taylor, which is now the home
of Dr. W. L. Poteat. To the south was one of the "long houses," then a
school house, now built in as a part of the house on the corner of
Main and Foundry Streets. Still further south on the west side of Main
Street was the residence
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