The Town of Wake Forest 199
of Professor William Royall, which was built by Rev. Thomas
Crocker; the house now enlarged on the lot just north of the school
property, which he had bought from a Mr. Crocker. Further south on
the opposite side of the road was the home of Mr. Willis Holding, the
father of Mr. T. E. Holding. These latest named houses were not on
the original college property. There were no houses east of the
railroad, nor other dwellings, business houses or factories in the ante-
bellum Wake Forest.
East Avenue was abandoned. So was West Avenue, which was
opened only after the construction of Gore Athletic Field in 1921. The
streets with the exception of North Main Street were little more than
wagon roads. The owners of the property contiguous to some of them
extended their fences into them. One may observe an example of this
now along the line of Back (now Wingate) Street where the College
property still occupies some of the original street. One may see
another example of it in the property opposite the Church and
extending to the railroad. In 1881, Mr. J. S. Purefoy who owned the
property on which is now the home of President Poteat, found that he
had encroached thirteen feet on the street on the west side of his lot,
and twenty-six feet on the east side. Accordingly, especially because
he had dug a well on the land designed for a street, he bought this
strip from the Board of
The extension of Back Street to the south was never used for a
street, but the title still vests in the College. In June, 1857, the Board
authorized the rental of this portion of the street for a nominal sum to
who was already living in his new house where Dr.
Sledd now lives.
It is worthy of special note that at last Wake Forest had a hotel. On
June 8, 1846, the Trustees had appointed a committee with authority
to dispose of two or three lots to any person who would build a hotel
at the College." This committee seems to have interested Mr. J. S.
Purefoy in the purpose. In October,
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