200 History of Wake Forest College
1847, the Trustees agreed that Mr. Purefoy should have the re-
served lots and the remaining lots on the square opposite the site of
the Alumni Building for a hotel. The building was soon erected and
was an imposing structure, with large, airy rooms, and long porches.
Mrs. Martha Ryan was the first keeper. After two or three years Mr.
Purefoy himself took charge. The Hotel, called the "College Hotel,"
filled a long existing need and was liberally patronized. During the
school year it was a boarding house for students. It was said that a
good price was charged and a good table set. Here visitors to the
College, who were very numerous at the public Exercises, found
conveniences which they desired. During the summer many seeking
relief from the heat of eastern North Carolina and the larger towns
found it here. The papers of the day, especially the Biblical Recorder,
were extolling the climate and healthfulness of Wake Forest. Until the
opening of the present century, during the time of all the various
keepers of the Hotel, Mr. J. S. Purefoy, Major Dickson and Mr. F. M.
Purefoy, one might find during the summer months the Hotel and the
College Campus swarming with guests, cheerful, happy people,
young and old, men and women of much refinement and intelligence,
enjoying the hotel's fine melons and waffles and fried chicken, and
enjoying, too the oaks of the Campus and occasionally a book from
the College Library. On returning to their homes they gave to Wake
Forest a name and a fame it would not otherwise have had. There was
no place like Wake Forest.
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