208 History of Wake Forest College
these were not Trustees. Trustees also voted to allow any one already
on the note to withdraw his name on the payment of six hundred
dollars, but no one seems to have taken advantage of this
Proceedings, p. 63. The original note is in the archives of the State Historical
Commission in Raleigh. There is also some correspondence about it, in the minutes
of the Board of the Literary Fund. A letter of Professor W. H. Owen addressed to
Governor Graham pleads for permission to renew the note and strongly urges the
claims of the College to the favor of the Directors of the Literary Fund. The note
has many endorsements of amounts paid. Its face reads as follows:
$10,000 Wake County, N. C.
One year after date, with interest from this date, we the Trustees of Wake Forest
College as principals and D. S. Williams, George M. Thompson, David Justice, Jas.
S. Purify, Nathaniel, J. Palmer, George W. Thompson, J. J. Biggs, William Jones,
Samuel Wait, George W. Jones, T. B. Barnett, J. W. Fort, Jas. F. Jordan, John B.
White, Wm. T. Brooks, Wm. Hill Jordan, Charles W. Skinner, Lewis Parham, Asa
Parham, Thos. G. Barnett, Thos. Boroughs, William Strain, Thos. A. Oldham, F. R.
Freeman, Geo. W. Purify, W. A. Atterson, Alfred Dockery, James Dennis, J. H.
Honeycut, J. W. Justice, D. S. Crenshaw, Michael Thompson, Thos. G. Garrison, as
securities promise to pay to the President and Directors of the Literary Fund of
North Carolina or order ten thousand dollars for value received payable at the office
of the said President and Directors in the City of Raleigh.
In witness whereof the Common Seal of the Said College is herewith affixed and
the president and two of the trustees have subscribed their names and affixed their
(College Seal)
July 1, 1845
Samuel Wait, President C. W. Skinner
Thos. Crocker, Trustee Thos. C. Garrison
William Martin Crenshaw, Trustee Lewis Parham
D. S. Williams Asa Parham
Geo. M. Thompson Thos. G. Barnett
David Justice Thos. Burrough
Jas. S. Purify William Strain
Nathaniel J. Palmer Thos. D. Oldham
Geo. W. Thompson F. R. Franian
J. J. Biggs Geo. W. Purify
Wm. Jones W. A. Atkinson
Samuel Wait Alfred Dockery by James S. Purify
Geo. W. Jones James Dennis
T. B. Barnett J. H. Honeycutt
F. W. Fort J. W. Justice
Jas. F. Jordan D. S. Crenshaw
John B. White Richard Thompson
Wm. T. Brooks Alexd. Williams by J. J. Finch
Wm. Hill Jordan G. C. Moore by Jas. S. Purify, Att
S. G. Wheeler by Jas. S. Purify, Att.
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