214 History of Wake Forest College
erty was to be sold and created a trust fund, the income of which was
to be paid to his wife during her lifetime, but the executor of the will
was instructed after her death to "pay over to the Trustees of Wake
Forest Institute the whole and entire income of my estate,
wheresoever and howsoever invested, in trust to be applied by them to
the education of young men destined to the ministry in the Regular
Baptist Church, and for that sole use and in trust forever, and to be
applied to no other use and for no other purposes."
In the following article of his will Mr. Blount made it more definite
that the proceeds of his property was to constitute "a permanent fund"
to be administered by his executor until his death, and thereafter by a
Trustee to be appointed by a court.2
Mrs. Rebecca Blount survived her husband more than twenty-three
years. For eleven years before her death on November 9, 1859, she
had been afflicted with a painful spinal trouble, and for seven years
confined to her bed. For fifty-seven years she had been a Christian,
"habitually prayerful and watchful," and even during her long illness
uniformly cheerful. She was devoted to works of charity and used her
means to promote "benevolent objects," missions and education. She
had read the Biblical Recorder from its first number and had also
been a constant reader of other religious and missionary periodicals,
and kept well informed on the progress of religious work both in
North Carolina and in the world.
From the above account it will be easily understood that the
necessary living expenses of Mrs. Blount and the satisfaction of her
normal charitable and benevolent impulses and purposes required
even more income than the estate of her late husband yielded,
especially during the long period of her affliction that ended with her
death. The fact seems to be that she had to make shifts not provided
for in the will, and that she sold two or more negro slaves to Rev.
George W. Bradford, a minister of the Portsmouth
A copy of the will is in the College
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