Bequests 217
surrender did not more than compensate Mr. Bradford for the money
he had paid Mrs. Blount, money that she seems to have needed.
All the slaves, including the four recovered from Mr. Bradford,
brought $10,718. The highest price, $1,305, was paid for Pompey,
unless that honor goes to Ann and her two children, who brought
$1,600. The lowest price was for Harry, probably the same as Harvey
mentioned in the will, and now superannuated. He was bought by
Samuel J. Johnston for $100. The public sale was on May 7, 1860,
and at that time all were sold except a girl named Mary. Probably
because she feared the ordeal of the auctioneer's block she had run
away and gone to Norfolk. Here she was apprehended at a cost of
$50, beside jail fees amounting to $4.50, and an officer's fee of one
dollar; and on May 30 was sold to a Mr. Williams of Norfolk for
$400, which low price suggests that she had lost half her value by her
bent for running away.
The agreed upon price for the land was $1,055; $24 was received
for the hire of two women from January to May, 1860. This makes the
total value of the estate at that time $12,153.19. But of this the
College got very little enjoyment. The slaves were paid for in notes
due on January 1, 1861, but as the War was imminent, the payments
were not made when due; then suits to compel payment were started
in the courts but before they came to trial the Edenton courts were
discontinued for the War. On November 2, 1862, the Treasurer being
instructed to invest any collections from this estate in Confederate
bonds, made collections on these notes amounting to $8,710.13 in
Confederate money and with it bought the bonds, all of which were
lost. Lost also was the uncollected portion of the notes to the amount
of $2,295, since the War left the makers
But the Treasurer
had col-
I give here Mr. Purefoy's table of the sale of these slaves:
May 7 Isaac to John Thompson $ 525.00
Jim John Hall 495.00
Lucy Peter White 1,285.00
Caroline J. H. Hall 295.000
Pompie Joseph Maddry 1,305.00
Emma John Thompson 580.00
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